3 Golf Rangefinders that Are Worth Buying

Are you looking for the best golf rangefinders? If so, then you need to take into account a very important detail that will actually make the difference between a quality device and a less quality one. Therefore, make sure that the chosen unit is extremely accurate. In order to ease your choice, we have made a short list with 3 golf rangefinders that are worth buying. Check them out.

1. Nikon Coolshot 40

This wonderful device is lightweight, and due to this reason, it easily fits in your hand. The best thing about this unit is that it is incredibly fast. In order to get the exact distance to any object, you just need to press the power button, and in only 8 seconds, you will receive the desired information. Once the information is received, Nikon Coolshot 40 will automatically shut off, in order to save the battery energy. Furthermore, you can use this amazing unit for other non-golf activities as well, such as hunting, hiking, and so on. Nikon Coolshot 40 is extremely accurate, and you will definitely find it very helpful.

2. Bushnell Tour Z6

Another great product in this category that worth the money is Bushnell Tour Z6. This device is one of the best ones, available on the market at the moment, due to its accuracy. You will also find very easy to use it, and due to its vivid red display, you will easily read the provided information on cloudy days. The unit will ignore the background clutters and the background trees as well. You will absolutely love Bushnell Tour Z6, as it is a super performing device, very attractive, and extremely comfortable to use as well.

3. Leupold Gx-4iA2

This is a compact laser rangefinder, that it is highly recommended to all golfers, in order to highly improve their game. It is light weight, and therefore, very comfortable to carry on the golf course. Moreover, due to the compact design, it is also very easy and comfortable to hold. Leupold Gx-4iA2 features a high-performance Digital Enhanced Accuracy, for faster measurements. Furthermore, an excellent clarity is provided due to its multi-coated lenses. The unit is completely weatherproof, and it will provide you the same excellent results, no matter the weather. All in all, Leupold Gx-4iA2 certainly worth every penny. All these 3 golf rangefinders that are worth buying, presented in this article, will certainly meet any golfer’s needs and expectations.