Fitness Workouts that Can Improve Your Golf Game

Although it’s not a very demanding type of sport, golf does require you to be in a good shape so you will be able to perform your shots and run along the golf course. A good fit can make you a better player so the following fitness workouts should become a part of your workout routine if you want to improve your golf game.

Rotating lunges

The glutes are very important in your swing so you have to take good care of them and strengthen them through a series of exercises like the lunges combined with a rotation movement. Stand up straight and extend one leg to the front while slowly lowering your body and bending your knee. Keep the lowered knee in a straight line with the steady leg and your back straight. When your knee reaches a 90-degree angle, rotate your torso to one side while extending your hand so yo will contract your obliques to the fullest.


You can improve your endurance and strengthen your legs with a treadmill that provides a great cardio workout. Start with walking and increase the speed as you go a longer distance and keep a track of your heart rate. This will help you work your leg muscles for the golf game and will improve your blood circulation so you will stay in shape.

Side step-ups

A great way to work your legs and glutes is to focus your entire body weight on one leg using a bench or a stepper. Stand beside the stepper and put one leg on it and propel your body upright so you will end up supporting your weight on the leg on the stepper. Maintain the other leg in the air as your glutes and hamstrings will contract to maintain balance and to keep you from collapsing.

Rowing machine

Your arms need to be very strong and flexible for the golf game and a great way to work them is to row on the rowing machine. This fitness equipment provides a full body workout that involves the muscles in your legs, arms, midsection, and upper back area. This means that you will stay in shape while working your muscles to perform great golf shots.

Arm stretchers

Continue to work your arm and shoulder muscles with a simple arm stretcher that heats up your arm, shoulders, and upper back muscles in order to improve your swing and your shots. The resistance posed by the elastic bands force your muscles to contract and the result will be more mobility and strength in your arms.