For Beginners – How to Use Effectively Golf Practice Nets

It is undeniable that golf is one of the most challenging sports in the world. It requires focus, a great hand to eye coordination, attention to the surrounding environment, and lots of practice hours. As a beginner, everything seems challenging to you, and the only manner in which you can significantly improve and be able to finally win a round when playing with more experienced players is to practice as much as you can in your free time. There are enough equipment pieces that aid beginners to polish their skills, but one you cannot go without is the golf net. Learn more about it and how to use it from the following lines.

How the Practice Net Comes in Handy

You won’t always have the time, the money, nor the patience to go to the driving range. Furthermore, when winter comes, the bad weather will most likely keep you inside and make the conditions too unfavorable for outdoor golf practice. However, with a practice net, you eliminate the barrier that winter normally puts between you and practice sessions as you can install the equipment indoors with ease if you have the needed space for it. Basically, what makes the net a necessity for beginners is the fact that it allows short game and putting practice without requiring you to leave the premise of your property. Best of all, its main purpose should be for outdoor practice, so you will get to breathe in some fresh air while you learn how to hit the balls.

What Other Equipment Do You Need?

Besides the practice net, there are other equipment pieces you will need for your training session. First off, you need a complete set of clubs so that you may practice and increase your skills with each and every single one of them. Thus, when the time comes and you hit the course, you are already accustomed to the feel of a wood or a putter. Obviously, you need balls as well when you train, but the good news is that, unlike on the course, there are no chances to lose them as they will hit the net and remain in that perimeter. Additionally, if you practice indoors, we recommend that you purchase a hitting mat to make the session more realistic and get accustomed to the environment when playing on a golf course.

Properly Setting Up the Practice Area

Setting up for indoor practice:

  • Set up the practice net in an area that is clear of other furniture pieces and objects to avoid hitting them.
  • Lay down the hitting mat at the distance you find appropriate for the type of training you intend to perform and place the ball on it.
  • When you hit, make sure you do not swing too hard and closely follow the trajectory of the shots to make proper adjustments to the placement of the net if needed.

Setting up for outdoor practice:

  • Find an area on the lawn where the terrain is somewhat straight as you are too inexperienced to tackle with uneven ground.
  • Make sure that where you do place the net there is no furniture piece or object that might be damaged if you accidentally mishit.
  • Back away from the net as much as needed in relation to the type of practice you intend to perform. If you want to learn how to putt, you can get close to it, while if practicing with the 1-wood is what you want, you have to keep a generous distance away from it.
  • Set up the tee and place a ball, and you can start your practice session.

Making the Most Out of Practice Sessions

As you can see, setting the net up is no big deal, regardless if you place it indoors or outdoors. However, as a beginner, you might tend to practice the same type of shot with the net, which is a huge mistake considering the potential of this golf gear. We recommend you go through all of the clubs in your bag while training with the practice net as it actually provides a great training environment where you can get accustomed to all of them.

Other At Home Golf Equipment to Practice With

Besides the golf net, there are other golf practice equipment pieces you could buy and use at home to get a better hang of how you must swing with every club in your bag. The golf gear we are referring to include the golf simulator, the swing trainer, and the putting mat. Learn more about them and how they can help you as a beginner golfer here:

  • Simulator: The most sophisticated at home golf practice gear is definitely the simulator as it not only allows you to practice your swings, but it provides instant data regarding shot stats, including tempo, speed, face angle, distance, attack angle, ball spin, and so on. There are plenty of variations you will stumble upon, more simplistic and compact simulators coming at rather affordable prices, usually in the order of a few hundreds of dollars, while the more professional models that take up more space even costing thousands of dollars.
  • Swing trainer: Just stake it into the ground and use any of your clubs, whether it be the wood, wedge, or iron, to practice in your own backyard by hitting the ball that is attached to it. It has a sturdy construction that ensures it won’t get out of the ground if you swing hard, and it comes at a very affordable price that makes it an accessible golf gear when compared to the simulator, for example.
  • Putting mat: Obviously, the putting mat provides you with the possibility to practice your putting skills in the comfort of your own home whenever you want. It consists of a mat which imitates the green and has a certain shape – it could go in a straight line or have a kidney shape, for example -, and that can even feature small hazards which make the training session a bit tougher.