Garmin Approach S20 Review

Golf watches tend to be put on by players just before they start playing, and they are taken off as soon as the golf round is over. But this isn’t the case with the spectacular Garmin Approach S20 because it offers an impressive set of features and capabilities that make it perfect to wear at all times. To buy it, you must spend $200. If you want to find out more about this golf watch to establish whether it’s the right choice for you or not, continue to read this review.


The Garmin Approach S20 golf watch is perfect to wear wherever you go, not only on the golf course, and it’s all due to the modern design of the watch. It’s made entirely out of plastic. It’s available in black, white, and midnight blue. The rubber strap makes the golf watch perfect to wear no matter the occasion. In addition, it allows you to get a perfect fit, which is essential when you plan on playing for a long time.

Golf tracking

Just like any GPS golf watch, the Garmin Approach S20 gives you important and accurate data about distance. When you arrive on the golf course, the golf watch will show you a list of the surrounding golf courses, and you must pick the course that you are playing on from that list. As you proceed to the first tee, 3 distances will be displayed on the screen, more precisely the middle, the front, and the back of the green. Also, it will display a map of the green ahead for you to have a better idea of how the layout looks. In addition to giving you pin distances to the holes, the golf watch offers information regarding the layout and hazards.


The Garmin Approach S20 smart watch comes with 40000 pre-loaded golf courses on it. It allows you to update the maps to make sure that you won’t be surprised by any changes. It features the useful AutoShot round analyzer that allows you to improve your game. It does this by automatically measuring every shot distance to allow you to analyze your shot using Garmin connect via your computer. In addition, it provides daily activity tracking and smart notifications, which makes it double as a fitness tracker. It reminds you to stay active by sending alerts and displaying move bars. It displays calories burned, distance, and time of day. You receive smart notifications for emails, calls, and texts on the golf watch. Also, it monitors your hours of sleep. Therefore, if you want to enjoy using a golf watch that offers the same features as a fitness tracker, make sure that you purchase the Garmin Approach S20.