Golf Etiquette Rules to Follow on the Golf Course

Golf is a very elegant sport that requires a certain discipline that ensures the well developing of the entire game. Players have to keep some rules in order to prevent unpleasantness and arguing. If they do so, everyone will be happy and relaxed at the end of each golf game. For new players who are not used to golf rules, here are some of the most important golf etiquette aspects that must be kept in mind.

You shouldn’t slow down the game

For the game to run smoothly, you must keep your turn and try not to delay it too much. Mo one says you should hurry in your shots but stalling is not going to help you at all. When it’s your turn to hit the ball, make sure you don’t keep the others waiting too much because you want to admire the view.

You shouldn’t speak very loud

An important golf rule says that you have to be very silent on the golf course and never speak unless you have to. Being loud and agitated will disturb the others and the game will not be relaxing and comfortable. Avoid talking during your turn, never distract others when it’s their turn to hit, and don’t run conversations on the side of the golf course.

You must not have a violent behavior

During a golf game, there are many times in which you will get mad because you lost, because you missed a shot or because someone else is better than you. No matter how mad you are, you must never be violent, throw the golf club, swear, or attack and offend another player. Golf doesn’t allow violence of any type and being violent will only bring you a bad reputation.

You shouldn’t talk on the phone

Before starting a golf game, make sure you turn off your phone so you won’t disturb the game. It’s very rude to talk on the phone during a golf game even if you are not the one who is playing so make sure you keep this rule in mind next time you play a game.

You have to repair the course

After a shot, the ground could remain damaged due to the impact of the golf club or the ball, the grass could tear and there could be holes in the ground. This isn’t a tragedy but not repairing it is because people who will follow in the game might have troubles with their shots. Therefore, make sure you repair the golf course after a bad shot so you will leave it impeccable.

You must keep a safe distance

While you play golf, try to stay away from the players so you won’t disturb their shot by ruining their swing. Sit on the edge of the course while you wait for your turn and never cross the path of a player while they shoot. Also, keep your golf cart and your golf equipment away from the game perimeter so you won’t disturb the other players.