Golf Glove Buying Guide

You want to buy a golf glove, but there are so many options on the market and you can’t take a decision? In this article, we present you a golf glove buying guide, which can help you choose the right glove.

Consider the glove material

Nowadays, there are many types of golf gloves on the market and it’s quite difficult to make a choice. Some of the most wanted gloves are made of leather or synthetic materials. Moreover, you can also optfor the hybrid gloves, which are a fusion between both, leather and synthetic texture. Each one of these three types of gloves is available in different sizes, ranging from small to large. Today, most golfers are choosing to wear leather gloves. Actually, they opt for Cabretta leather which is a high-quality leather made from hair sheep. On the other hand, these types of gloves may be soft and pliable for a long time, but it can also tend to stretch, so keep in mind to purchase a comfortable glove. You can even consider wearing a smaller than normal size for the stretching.

As you already know, there are also the synthetic gloves, which are more durable and provide you with more flexibility than leather gloves. Usually, these synthetic items are made of faux leather and they are cheaper than the traditional leather gloves. However, your last option could be the hybrid glove which is made of both leather and synthetic leather. Hybrid gloves provide any golf player with flexibility and durability.

The golf glove features

Before you go shopping, it’s recommended to do some research about different types of golf gloves. You need to consider their features and to choose the right glove which can help you feel comfortable. As such, if you are a professional player, you will surely choose to wear a leather glove, because you will opt for the grip and comfort. You can also try a hybrid glove which has real leather on the fingers and in the palm for comfort and synthetic leather in the joints for flexibility. However, a newbie can choose a synthetic glove, because it is more affordable than other options.