How to Build a Mini Golf Course in Your Yard

If you are a golf enthusiast, having a golf course at home will be the perfect way to practice your skills and to improve your game. Building a miniature golf course in your yard is a simple project that requires little investment and plenty of skills. Try our ideas and set your own mini golf course where you can have fun playing golf with your family and friends.

Prepare the lawn

For your miniature golf course, you will need grass and the best type is lawn because it grows evenly and provides the proper surface for playing golf. If you are used to growing lawn, you know that it has to be well taken care of, and even more, if we are talking about golf course lawn. You must prepare the soil before planting it and you have to choose quality seeds otherwise, your lawn will not be suitable for playing golf. Get a lawn mower to keep the grass well trimmed and at an even height so the ball will travel freely. Depending on the size of the course, pick a mower that will get every corner even around the mazes and obstacles.

Build a maze

Once the surface is set, you will have to work on the complexity of the golf course. A few holes in the ground with flags in them will not satisfy your taste for adventure so a maze will seem like a great idea. You can build it using simple items you can find at the building materials store so the investment will be low. Bricks, cinder blocks, PVC pipes, and wood boards will help you design complex mazes with tunnels that will make the game more challenging. Arrange the bricks to make paths that will guide the ball then raise the level using cinder blocks and wooden boards. PVC pipes will work as tunnels that will take the ball to the hole.

Build a ramp

A great idea for a yard golf course is the jumping ball challenge that mimics the hills and slopes on an actual golf course. You can easily build it using the same materials you used for the maze only you will have to create two separate areas, one for launching the ball and one for its landing. Use a cinder block and a wooden plank to create a ramp from where you will hit the ball. To delimit the landing spot that you will have to reach, use bricks and a stick that the ball will have to touch. If you are good at carpentering, you can also use wood to build a full circuit with a ramp.