How to Improve Your Driving Swing

The driver is one of the most popular golf clubs used during a golf game but it still manages to give players a hard time because not everyone masters the secrets of a good hit. Hitting with a driver means hitting the ball longer and straighter and a good hit is your chance to improve your score so you might want to keep reading the following golf tips if you want to know how to improve your driving swing.

Position your body properly

Before you start any golf game, you must achieve a good body position because you can’t perform a good shot if your setup position is wrong. Start with your legs together and the ball lined up between your toes so you will manage to focus on your target. The club should always be pointed forward to make sure you have your club aiming at your target.

Move your legs carefully

After you have reached the right startup position, you can move your feet to the sides, one at a time, until you manage to find balance. Start with the left foot and move it a few inches until it lines up with your left armpit then, you can also move your right foot until the instep is lined up with your right shoulder. The stance will help you find the perfect balance to maintain a good swing.

Pay attention to the takeaway

When you start your swing, you will have to move your upper body area first and the lower area should follow. Maintain your hips straight while rotating your arms and chest and form a triangle with your arms, hands, and shoulders. Try not to break this triangle before starting your driving swing and keep your hips relaxed while you rotate your upper body area.

Keep the club parallel to the ground

Given that the driver is the longest club in your bag, you will have to make sure it will not hit the ground before hitting the ball, which is something often happens. For this, you will have to bend your back just a little before performing your swing. Hold the driver with your both hands and slightly raise it until it becomes parallel to the ground and your hands should be just below your belt when the driver is in the right position. Your both hands should be extended during your swing and a great secret is to keep your armpits tight just as if you were holding something underneath them. This will ensure that you will not alter your arms position during your driving swing. Now, you can peacefully hit your golf ball.