Most Accurate 2016 Swing Analyzer

Achieving the perfect golf swing is not an easy task especially if you are not a pro player who masters the secrets and techniques of golf. This is why the golf swing analyzer has been designed to help golf players find the best body posture that will guarantee their hit will be perfect. These devices rely on some high-tech features that help them measure distances and parameters and offer you a clear view of your shot. But for a golf swing analyzer to be useful, it will have to be accurate and its accuracy depends on several factors. Choosing the best one for you is not easy given all the models available, which is why we did some research and found out which is the most accurate swing analyzer in 2016.

Blast Motion Golf Replay

This swing analyzer is the one that offers the highest accuracy due to a bunch of advanced technologies that guarantee the measurements offered will really help you find your best body posture. It has been awarded Golf Digests’ “Best of the 2016 PGA Show” golf swing analyzer thanks to its features that help players improve their golf game. The precise measurements of this device act like a coach that can lower the player’s handicap and help them increase their score.

Design details

This swing analyzer has a particular design that makes it extremely easy to use and very practical. It attaches to the end of any golf club and it’s so lightweight you won’t even know it’s there. It has no buttons on it, which might seem strange, but it is actually very easy to use. It comes with a standard grip attachment that enables the device to stick to any putter or driver in your golf bag.

Useful features

The Blast Motion swing analyzer uses sensors that detect your motions and capture important metrics of your position and swing in real time so you will know exactly what you are doing wrong and you will be able to fix it. The device uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with your iOS and Android smartphones so you will be able to capture all the measurements and store them for further analysis. What is impressive about this swing analyzer is that it captures a wide range of swing metrics like putting, the back and forward stroke time, clubhead speed, swing speed, and more. The app that comes with the device includes video tips to help you improve your golf game.