Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Golf Clubs

Golf equipment has evolved so much and has become so advanced that it’s getting harder and harder to find the right items for you. This is why you need to master some buying tips when you start looking for a new golf club otherwise, you will end up with the wrong clubs in your bag. It’s recommended that you ask the help of a professional club fitter but you can also use our tips when you decide it’s time to buy golf clubs.

Learn the golf club types

Although they look similar, golf clubs are divided into 6 categories that differ in weight, design details, technology, and the resulted shot. The 6 categories are drivers, fairway woods, putter, irons, wedges, and hybrids, and each club is particularly designed to send a ball at a certain speed and on a certain trajectory.

What shot do you need the golf club for?

Golf clubs are designed for certain types of shots so one club can’t be suitable for any shot you want. If you need to perform a long put, you will need a putter while a hybrid can successfully replace an iron for a drive. If it sounds too complicated, do some research on the types of golf shots and the appropriate golf club to make sure you choose the right type.

The size matters

Golf clubs come in a wide range of sizes because one size can’t fit all golf clubs. Given that not all golfers are the same size or weight and they don’t perform the same swing, golf clubs need to be different to match the needs of every golfer and your club should fit you like a glove. Make sure it’s not too long or too heavy so it won’t be uncomfortable to handle.

The three L’s

When you buy a new golf club, you need to check the loft, length and lie angle because if you get these three wrong, you will not achieve good shots. For instance, if you buy a putter that is too long and has a wrong lie angle and too much loft, your golf ball will bounce and roll off the line.